10 brands that surf creatively on the first picture of a black hole to talk about them

It will not have taken too much time before the brands jump on the new phenomenon from the moment. Yes, because if you did not know (or did not go on the Internet for a week), a particular photo made a lot of people talk about it, black hole. A world first!

At the forefront of all magazines, this phenomenon of very distant far space has, in reality, been captured in 2017 using a global network of telescopes. After two years of work, this is the National Science Foundation who shared the photo a few days ago; the very first shot of a black hole. And in just a few hours, the photo had already done the world Tour !

Following this, brands have been delighted to divert consumers' attention with a little humor on the subject! The discovery was therefore parodied with all sorts of tweets by clipping marks, we can say it; given the speed with which these contents came out ... it's crazy.

So you are left to judge for yourself. In any case, we are certain that these brands have a marketing and creative service at the top of the responsiveness, hat! A buzz that could also remind the battle of brands for the star egg from Instagram or the tweets of the most creative brands for the Star Wars Day.


Credits: Durex


What's the other side of a #BlackHole? All the Flavor. Zero the Sugar. #science ☝️

- Pepsi (@pepsi) April 10, 2019

Dunkin 'Donuts

Credits: Dunkin 'Donuts


Credits: qwant

Cartoon Network



Credits: IKEA


Credits: MillerCoors


Credits: Denny's



⚫️ We just made an unexpected discovery ...


- Cdiscount (@Cdiscount) April 10, 2019

St Michel


Audi Morocco

Credits : Audi Morocco

[Bonus] Wild Creed by François Lesage


Credits : François Lesage

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