20 pictures of funny animals because totally missed because of the panoramic effect

You may have already experienced the situation of the panoramic photo totally missed because of a "disruptive element" which has not been anticipated. Imagine: you spot a beautiful piece of landscape and you ask patiently to take a picture. You arm your device (or your smartphone) face the landscape you want to capture and you start your panorama ... And there, a animal appears in front of your goal!

Of course, the resulting picture is totally missed, since an animal is usually unable to stand still in front of the lens. It comes to distort itself by taking an unreal form that can be very funny as it is absurd. Between the centipede cat or the dog with the compressed face, you will see that missing his picture can sometimes give life to beautiful surprisesfun and creative.

The team of Creapills offers you to discover below a selection of 20 panoramic photos failures that are staging strange animals. You will see that we do not necessarily need Photoshop to create surreal creatures!

Credits : FallenCoffee

Credits : PuppermintJerry

Credits : loke_and_nala

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Credits : panoramafail

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