In Paris, this shopping street has been completely covered with 800 multicolored umbrellas

Since last month, Parisians can come and walk under this magnificent umbrellas sky. After passing through several French cities, colorful umbrellas finally land in the capital, in the 8th arrondissement. With a staging signed by the artist Patricia Cunha, it's about 800 multicolored umbrellas that were suspended all along the passage of a very particular place ...

Everything starts at Portugal, in the small town ofAgueda. This concept of installation is an idea of ​​the agency Feira Sexta. Appointed Umbrella Sky Project, this was originally to attract tourists in the isolated village. An artistic approach that has obviously paid off well since today, Águeda has become unavoidable; thousands of people come to admire this sky, very impressive, pretty colorful umbrellas.

You must know that the concept landed in the capital in February 2019. But where? And well in the heart of Paris, at Royal Village ! Located between Madeleine and the place of the concord, this artery was renovated in 1992, to make it a showcase of Parisian elegance. And now, he welcomes these famous umbrellas multicolored, to the delight of tourists, Paris, and other instagrammers.

A great idea to go walk around the weekend. What stroll in love or with friends! A beautiful project that inspires us a lot ofoptimismwhich brings a little joy and poetry back to the capital when the weather arrives.

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Imagined by: SextaFeira

Video: UMBRELLA VILLAGE IN PARIS SPRING 2019 VIRTUAL TOUR CLOSE UP by Nowayfarer ᴴᴰ (August 2019).