IKEA creates accessories to facilitate the use of its furniture by people with disabilities

Getting up from a couch, having a glass of water in the middle of the night, checking what is in a trinket or pulling the shower curtain may seem to you acts of disconcerting ease. This is the case, but not for everyone. Because when we have a reduced mobility, every little gesture of everyday life can become a real test and when one is equipped with standard furniture you have to know how to manage ... and to hurt yourself.

That's why we wanted to share this initiative of the Swedish giant IKEA who launched a commonsense operation for people with disabilities. The idea? Launch a range of accessories that makes it easy to use furniture to make it easier to use.

baptized ThisAbles, the operation was imagined by the Israeli branch of the brand in collaboration with the associations Milbat and Access Israel. For that 13 accessories have been imagined: from the one who raises the sofa to the one who grows the closet door handles through the one that magnifies the buttons of the lamps.

And the most interesting in this story is that IKEA makes available on the site of the operation all models in order to download them and print them in 3D. A good idea for the brand as for its customers, when we know that it is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world!

To discover in detail all the accessories, we have listed them below with a small word of explanation and finally a link to directly access the object.

The closet handle

Add this accessory to a closet door to create a larger handle that can be grasped with the entire arm. More informations

The big button

Because pressing a small button to light a lamp is not within everyone's reach, here is an idea to increase its surface and make the ignition easier. More informations

The window protector

To avoid breaking the glass of a piece of furniture with an armchair or cane, this board is added to the bottom of the furniture to protect it. More informations

The sofa booster

Getting up from a standard couch is not as easy for everyone, so booster seats have been designed to fit on existing feet. More informations

The easy handle

Opening a closet that has very small handles can be very restrictive. Here is an accessory to make them bigger and easier to grasp. More informations

The furniture mirror

What's in this trinket? For a person on a wheelchair, checking can be difficult or even dangerous. A simple mirror placed above allows, with the reflection, to discover it at a glance. More informations

The cane support

Always having your cane close to you is essential when you need it. That's why this little system wants to help you have it at hand when you're in bed. More informations

The curtain handle

Pulling the shower curtain may seem like a benign act. But when you do not have all the mobility of your arms, it's a lot more complicated! Here is the curtain handle that facilitates exercise. More informations

The handle for cushion cover

And it's the same for cushions. Changing a cover can be a nightmare. Then a handle attached to the zip can greatly facilitate the operation. More informations

Brush rings

Expressing your creativity can be difficult when you do not have the ability to hold a pen easily. Here are the rings that allow you to paint or draw easily. More informations

The cup holder for bed

Putting your glass of water on the bedside table to quench your thirst without getting up may seem harmless to you. But imagine for a disabled person? Here is the cup holder that attaches directly to the structure of the bed so as not to fall. More informations

Reading points

To easily find things that are stored on the shelves when you are visually impaired, IKEA has imagined points that are placed on the furniture and read with a detector. More informations

Shelf markers

Finally, when one is visually impaired it is not always easy to distinguish the limits of the shelves. This is why these black markers have been imagined and allow to delimit more important structure. More informations

Imagined by: IKEA Israel

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