He sends a letter to paradise to his dead father ... the British Post sends him the sweetest answer

Here is a story touching and creative as we like to discover, which happened a few days ago in Scotland which we wanted to share with you today. At the beginning of November 2018, a 7-year-old boy named Jase Copland decided to send a letter for the birthday of his dad, who died a few months ago.

Naturally, Jase wrote a letter and asked for an envelope to Teri, his mother, on which he wrote: "Mr. the postman, can you send this letter to heaven for my dad's birthday? Thank you"

The letter, not franked, was posted and it is with great surprise that the family received an adorable response from theRoyal Mail (the British Post) November 28th. A response from a postal worker directly to their home addressBlackburn, in the form of a signed letter on which is written the following text which we have translated:

Her Jase, we wanted to keep you informed of the good delivery of your mail. I also wanted to take this opportunity to explain how we managed to deliver your letter to your father in paradise. It was a real challenge to avoid stars and other galactic objects on the road to paradise. Be reassured, your particularly important mail has been delivered. [...] I will continue to do my utmost to deliver couriers to paradise with the utmost care.

An answer that the Royal Mail was obviously not obliged to do, and that particularly affected Teri Copland, the mother of Jase who shared the reply mail on Facebook, stating the joy of his son when the postman returned.

A post Facebook shared more than 265,000 times and whose comments unanimously salute the action of the British Post in this small attention of the daily newspaper which does a lot of good to the morale.

When to Jase, the 7-year-old Scottish boy, he told the mediaEdinburghlive of his desire to become a postman later"Because they have to cross very dangerous places to deliver the mail".

Credits : Teri Copland on Facebook

Credits : Teri Copland on Facebook

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