This street art was embroidered on a wall using 2300 screws and over 700 meters of wire

Each artist has a support, a specific style that allows him to express his creativity in the way he is most comfortable with. For some, this is the paintingfor others, the sculpture, and the artist we're going to talk about today has made the choice to focus on embroidery creative.

Ana Martins is a French artist of 22 years old who makes himself known under the pseudonym ofAheneah. She achieves impressive murals, which are actually not real paintings since they are creations entirely made cross stitch.

An entirely cross-stitched work of art that pays homage to youth 👶

His latest creation was born in Portugal, in the town of Vila Franca de Xira. With over 2 300 screw and 760 meters of wire, Aheneah represented at cross stitch a beautiful embroidered illustration that puts forward a young lady who seems to be able to fly. The artist explains that his creation illustrates the freedom relaxed youth. A symbolic who speaks to him especially to believe his words:

Every day, for many years, thousands of children have been walking past this wall while going from home to school, then from school to home. Most of the time, they just float in their thoughts, lost in space, time ... and routine. Until their path changes direction, and that's what happened to me a few years ago.

A creation full of poetry, which makes a beautiful tribute to youth and the transition to adulthood, which could not possibly be better represented than through this magnificent embroidery the cross stitch. We let you discover the work ofAheneah below and we invite you to visit the Instagram feed of the artist to better discover his universe.

Credits: Aheneah

Credits: Aheneah

Credits: Aheneah

Credits: Aheneah

Imagined by: Aheneah

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