This child who walks his head in his hands is the best Halloween costume

This little girl does not have her head on her shoulders, and yet she wins the title of "Best Halloween costume 2018" ! This video of a child wearing his own head on a tray has become viral. Indeed, the suit, worn by Maya, 2 years, is very impressive!

The story is set in the South Bay Village in Paranaque, in the philippines. Krystel Hwang posted on Facebook videos of his daughters who leave for the candy hunt. The smallest is seen walking with its headin his hands ! Because yes, the place where his head is "cut" is actually his candy basket. Clever, no? We can even hear his mother say "Candy or a spell, without the pumpkin basket!"


In an interview forCoconuts ManilaKrystel admitted that she did not even use special materials to create the disguise. "Just a bit of everything and anything you find at home", she says. This mom, pastry chef, also creates cakes themes: creative since always, she loves to disguise her own girls for Halloween, while involving them!

I ask them questions. I want them to be both creative and ingenious! It is also an experience that brings us together, where we learn a lot.

In the same way, by being helped to manufacture by his daughters, it also teaches them not to be afraid of their costumes. Accustomed to Makeup tutorials terrifying, they are not cold in the eyes.

In any case, if they are not afraid, however, they scare the whole neighborhood! Theillusion of this costume, handmade by Krystel, works perfectly. We let you judge for yourself and find out if you want to be afraid, our little compilation of costumes who will scare you with their creativity.

Credits : Krystel Hwang

Credits: Krystel Hwang

Credits: Krystel Hwang

Credits: Krystel Hwang

Imagined by: Krystel Hwang

Video: Little Girl's Scary Headless Halloween Costume. Viral Video! (September 2019).