The CMs of BMW and Audi have created the most beautiful Twitter clash of this autumn 2018

Obviously, all shots are allowed between brands competing ! It's a fact, the rival brands are not soft between them. A few days ago, we revealed to you several examples brands that are waging a merciless war by interposed advertisements.

But if there is a playground where the latter are excellently well illustrated, it is undoubtedly the social networks. Brands do not hesitate to clash relentlessly on social networks and Twitter, by the spontaneity of its format, is surely one of the favorite arenas of these companies who hate each other.

BMW vs. Audi: a remarkable clash on Twitter 💥

And if we talk about all of this today, it's because we have fallen back on a formidable clash which dates fromAugust 2018 between two iconic brands of the automotive world: Audi and BMW (The latter was suggested to us by the Net surfer Steve Martial that we thank him). These two rival brands that are positioned in the premium segment have talked about them following a short clash on Twitter.

It all started with a first tweet of BMW posting a beautiful photo of her M4 edition "Yas Marina Blue" posing proudly in front of sparks.

BMW's tweet

Sparks fly for this # M4 in exclusive Yas Marina Blue. Image by @jinphotos. #MMondays

- BMW USA (@BMWUSA) August 20, 2018

"The sparks fly for this M4 in our exclusive Yas Marina Blue color."

Except that observers will not miss the detail of the photo: the sparkles in the background recall the famous rings that make up the logo ofAudi. The competing brand lost no time in pointing this out:

The tackle of Audi

When you see it ... //

- Audi (@Audi) August 21, 2018

"When do you see that ..."

Whereupon BMW answered, without disassembling himself, with a simple and effective little punchline. The CMs prove, once again, that despite the confrontations, creativity and humor remain the best ways to stand out on social networks!

BMW's answer

We see it, where we usually do ... in the rear view mirror.

- BMW USA (@BMWUSA) August 22, 2018

"We see it, as usual ... in our rearview mirror."

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