Here are the 20 most beautiful photos taken with an iPhone in 2017

Today, one can be a photographer and not own a camera strictly speaking. And yes, a good one smartphone does the job well when it comes to taking pictures, even in an artistic setting. The communication campaign Apple which takes pictures taken on the iPhone by users to display them in the subway are a good example.

It is within this framework that theIPPAWARDS (iPhone Photography Awards) which aims to reward the most beautiful photos taken with the iPhone. A contest that exists for 10 years and who just revealed a few days ago his laureates, that we list you below. A Grand Prix, three photographers of the year and the best photos by category. Magnificent !

Precision : difficult to know if Apple is behind this contest in one way or another. It is obviously a huge advertisement for the iPhone so it would not be surprising.

Grand prize
Sebastiano Tomada

Children roaming the streets of Qayyarah near the fire of oil wells burned by ISIS soldiers

Photographer of the year (1st prize)
Brendan O Se

Hands of a docker in the Jakarta harbor

Photographer of the year (2nd prize)
Yeow-Kwang Yeo

Traditional opera artist in China

Photographer of the year (3rd prize)
Kuanglong Zhang

A caretaker looks out a window in a palace in Udaipur city, India

Animals (1st price)
Francesca Tonegutti

Photo of a horse resting in the sun in Andalusia

Architecture (1st price)
Paddy Chao

Photo of Chand Baori, one of the largest stepwells in India

Children (1st prize)
Szymon Felkel

"Curiosity of children" (photo taken in New York)

Flowers (1st price)
Sidney Po

A field of artificial roses that light up with LEDs in the city of Cebu in the Philippines

Landscapes (1st prize)
Christian Horgan

Photo of a rock in the Margaret River region of Western Australia

Lifestyle (1st price)
Nick Trombola

3 skiers photographed from a chairlift in Telluride, Colorado

Nature (1st prize)
Aaron Sandberg

A tree near the city of Sigtuna in Sweden

News (1st prize)
Samuel Nacar

Expulsion of the "Calais Jungle" on Monday 24 October 2016

Other (1st prize)
Darren Boyd

The district of "China Town" in London during the Chinese New Year

Panorama (1st price)
Nick Trombola

The American Cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer in Normandy

People (1st prize)
Dina Alfasi

Stolen photo of a man on a bus in Israel

Still life (1st price)
David Hayes

A smoky candle next to grimoires

Sunset (1st price)
Kuanglong Zhang

Sunset on the "Golden Temple" of the city of Amritsar in India

Travel (1st price)
Jen Pollack Bianco

Fishing lodges on Lofoten Islands in Norway

Trees (1st price)
Magali Chesnel

A tree frozen during a cold spell in the town of Versoix in Switzerland

Abstract (1st prize)
Christopher Armstrong

Imagined by: IPPAWARDS

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