Hidden in Paris, these mirrors remind women that they are all beautiful

Sometimes, a simple little compliment can suffice to brighten up your day. And if the people around you are stingy with pleasant remarks, you will appreciate the project this artist (unfortunately his name remains a secret) who enjoys spreading the streets of the capital mirrors on which are written motivating messages to the fairer sex, as "Yes, you are beautiful" or "You are beautiful. Point".

These mirrors were plastered in different Parisian neighborhoods and obviously, they had a some success. Many passers-by have not hesitated to take a photo and share the result on social networks.

Credits: Tina Cutri

A beautiful project that advocates the universal character of beauty in the image of this ad for Dove that we shared with you yesterday on Facebook. Through these mirrors, the artist undoubtedly wishes to brighten up the streets and daily lives of Parisians in a world that is often described as increasingly morose ...

A poetic project that is necessarily critical the way our society depicts beauty and who wants to encourage you to compliment more often your entourage. We love !

Credits: Renee

Credits: Nana Bjørn

Credits: Meli Miranda

Credits: Valentine

Credits: Melissa Ciano

Credits: Max January

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