This Canadian society has devised a cannabis advent calendar

If in La France, cannabis use remains banned at Canada, the recent legalization has allowed different people to gradually embark on this juicy market... just as we saw a few years ago in California, the United States. Among them,Lorilee Fedler and his websiteCoast to Coast Medicinals. Based at Vancouver this company has also had an unusual idea to talk about it: create the first ...cannabis advent calendar !

Forget the chocolates, this calendar is filled with cannabis flowers or even edible cannabis in the form of biscuits or characters in gingerbread. Calendars that still cost between 200 and $ 300 unity ... and who worry the authorities!

Because if the initial project was to create an idea to amuse adults, the company has still sold 150 calendars and more than 1,800 orders are waiting. A success that has attracted the attention of the authorities:Coast to Coast Medicinals has no license to practice this activity and if the legalization of cannabis has been passed it will only be effective in the law in ... July 2018 !

If the idea is obviously surprising, health experts are less inclined to this kind of humor. Without wanting to criminalize cannabis, they deplore a promotion that aims to make drug use fun. Good, otherwise he remains Advent calendar with beers

Credits : Ben Nelms / The Canadian Press

Credits Coast to Coast Medicinals

Credits Coast to Coast Medicinals

Imagined by: Coast to Coast Medicinals

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