These adorable short films feature cats ... kleptomanes

Since the web exists, we can say that Cats have always amused and fascinated Internet users. It's simple: as stupid as the videos that staged clumsy or cute catsit is very often the most viral content that runs on the internet. It's a fact: cats exercise on humans a certain phenomenon of attraction and fascination.

Some companies have understood, like the Mexican studio HyperBeard Games who develops totally unusual games that stage adorable and playful cats. The most famous game of the studio is undoubtedly KleptoCats, a smartphone game whose concept is toraise a mischievous cat that will go steal objects of all kinds for you.

The game is so successful that the studio HyperBeard Games decided to partner with the creatives of Platypus Animation to make a series of short films. Each short film is about these adorable cats, able to teleport through portals, which are actually real kleptomaniacs.

At the time of writing, only five short films have come out, but they are definitely successful since the pilot episode has generated no less than 800,000 views. And the franchise KleptoCats is not ready to go out, since other projects are in the boxes, as figurines in collaboration with Funko Pop. We let you discover below these adorable kittens who know how to hide well their "dark side"

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Imagined by: HyperBeard Games

Video: Le Chat Cambrioleur. The Cat Burglar. EMC Productions (August 2019).