The best creative parodies of La La Land

Impossible to pass at the beginning of the year next to the masterpiece of Damien Chazelle: La La Land. The film is also announced as a favorite at the Oscars, and may be the winner of the great evening of Sunday night. While waiting for the verdict, we invite you to discover the best creative parodies of La La Land. And if you have seen the film, they are seriously worth the detour!

The Land x Jimmy Fallon

Surely the best known: in the introduction of the Golden Globes, Jimmy Fallon once again delivers his incredible genius by taking the opening scene of the film, with guests of choice please.

The Land x The Muppets

Forget about Ryan Gosling in this fun and original parody. Here, it is Kermit, the famous frog of the Muppets, who takes his role and gives the reply to Jolie Emma Stone in this title cover "City of Stars".

The Land NY NY Land

Exit Los Angeles, here we go to New York for this fun and original parody signed Cannibal Milkshake. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone give way to these two protagonists who unveil another facet of the Big Apple.

The Land x David Lynch

What if La La Land was directed by David Lynch? CineFix reveals a much darker version of Damien Chazelle's masterpiece inspired by the singular style of the director.

The La x 8-bit x

What if La La Land was a vintage video game? CineFix reiterates once again with this pixelated version that will speak to the most nostalgic gamers. Beware of the spoils because the video takes up very broadly the plot of the story.

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