The best creative prints to celebrate Halloween

And yes, it's Halloween! We know you're still looking for a costume for tonight, but in the meantime, we invite you to discover 10 creative prints to celebrate Halloween. The brands do not lack ingenuity when it comes to disguise their products in the colors of the day of the dead.

Atomic Candy / Innocean (USA)

At the height of the election, the Atomic Candy brand plays with Donald Trump and his controversial image to celebrate Halloween.

Nintendo / Leo Burnett (USA)

Nintendo's minimalist print that reproduces a bat by diverting the joysticks from its game consoles. We like it!

Joker / Change (France)

For the Joker brand of fruit juice, Halloween is celebrated by digging oranges and not pumpkins. Discrete and effective product placement.

McDonald's / Cossette (Canada)

For Halloween, McDonald's simply chooses to disguise its famous cheeseburger candy. Cute all full!

Sharpie / DraftFCB (USA)

This brand of supply simply came up with the idea of ​​changing the plugs of its pens for Halloween. A subtle disguise and rather well found!

Calgary Farmers' Market / WAX (Canada)

Print in subtlety with this farmers cooperative that shows an empty egg box ... Ghosts?

Heineken / JWT (Italy)

Heineken chooses to highlight his iconic bottle with a hand that runs through it. An aesthetic print for Halloween with a ghost beer.

Burger King / .start (Germany)

For Halloween, Burger King tells a story of horror and imagines the food of its burgers turned into real monsters.

Guinness (Ireland)

An old Guinness print that simply plays with the shape of its iconic glasses to reproduce a creature. WE love !

Maglite / M & C Saatchi (South Africa)

What better deal to communicate than Halloween for a brand of flashlights? This brand has in any case well understood!

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