Labels that change color to drink the wine at the right temperature

If wine in France is a tradition with which we do not laugh, this is not the case for all countries. In Australia, for example, 82% of the population drink red wine at the wrong temperature. Taylors brand wine merchants decided to remedy this by launching the "Taylors Temperature Challenge" in collaboration with Mr Wolf.

In concrete terms, the brand equips its wine bottles with thermosensitive labels that change color to inform the consumer of the ideal temperature. If the label is green, the wine is at a good temperature and is ready to eat. If it turns blue, it's because it's too cold. Finally, it will turn red if the wine is too hot.

An excellent idea that testifies to the brand's desire to offer quality wines tasted in optimal conditions. To find out more, visit the dedicated platform "Wine Temperature".

Video: Temperature sensitive label on wine turns pink when ready to drink (September 2019).