A candle that reproduces the smell of a new MacBook

There are the classic consumers, and there are the fans of the first hour. Apple is a brand that can count on many followers around the world. Other brands have understood this, and are trying to ride this "attachment" to offer unusual products to "Apple addicts". This is particularly the case of Twelve South in the United States, which has just launched a candle collection dedicated to Apple fans.

Sold 24 dollars, each candle has the distinction of reproducing the smell that can be felt when you open for the first time the box of a new MacBook. Composed of 100% soy wax, this candle combines notes of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage. Yes, it's totally unusual but you had to think about it. To get a copy of these candles, so it happens on the side of Twelve South.

Video: Twelve South Inspire: launches limited edition candle again (August 2019).